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  • 1978 Honda Express NC50
Hey everybody, I live out in the high desert of central Oregon. I started working on my bike in the spring of 2011, and have done tons of work on it myself. It was your typical, 'broke down and shoved in a shed to rot' story. Very pathetic.

Anyway, I've gotten lots of excellent help in the forums, and am happy to give back when I can. Bike now has a 70 cc DR kit, Jammy pipe, Mikuni VM 20 carb, Weak-ends intake. New brakes, mirrors, tires, coil, removable bulb headlamp, 4 amp hour battery. Spoke replacement. Some of my electrical is 1980: generator and points, turn signals. De-rusted the gas tank and converted the oil tank to a fuel tank. Running premixed fuel now. Took the handlebars off of a 1980 bike so I could have front turn signals. Plus, lots of small misc stuff.

Summer of 2012 I am experimenting with high altitude jetting for the Mikuni.
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