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  • 1978 Vespa Grande Super Deluxe
  • 1982 Vespa Grande Deluxe
  • 1979 Vespa Grande Deluxe
  • 1983 Vespa Grande
  • 1977 Vespa Ciao
I Am The Grande Guru

Treatland, Dos Cycles and Fat City Moped are my one and only one stop shops!!! (Don't buy all my NOS Vespa parts!!!!!!)

"He wouldn't take off his mirrored sunglasses on a cloudy day to talk business"
- Smiley Vyrus

"Failing is the process of things being forcibly inserted in your brain."
- Graham

"I was flattered for a second,
But then you said I should put ape hangers on it,
Then I realized you're a dummy without worthy opinions and I shouldn't be flattered at all.
You made my emotions go full 360...."

- JBot

"Backyard mechanics are the worst.
Ask yourself why they're not in the front yard. Go ahead"

- JBot

Ciao and Bravo Haynes Manual .PDF download links below
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