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Philadelphia, PA

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  • 2002 Whizzer Pacemaker
  • Vespa Ciao
  • 1960 Sparta
  • 1965 Solex 1700
  • 2001 Kinetic TFR
  • 1976 Derbi
  • 1999 Cosmo Stinger
  • 1978 Benelli
  • 1973 AMF

Gino's Cycle center is Philadelphia's longest running independent cycle center. I help all mopedders in their persuit of the restoration of vintage and up to date moped and scooters. Our private collection has many of the most off the wall wierd never heard of bikes, and many salvage bikes in stock. I peronally work close with the import of the TFR moped by Kinetic. Feel free to contact me for any help or info. 215 739 5847 We are here to help. Sign up on our web site for the local moped and scooter events. We list local events FREE. go to or just google me...I been here a long time to serve the motorcycle community

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