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  • 1984 Honda Passport

i am an old biker that has traveled by moped or motorcycle in thialand,india,nepal,taiwan,tibet,china,mexico,usa,canada ,england ,and germany.i use to race hill climb riding a 250 bsa. i still own a 1972 bmw r50 [500cc].but i get a kick out of mopeds .i am planning to buy a few more and make one into a chopper just for fun .most of the winters i live in mexico .i bring my passport on a bumper rack on the back of my van . iam a published working artist and also an asshole .i do what i want not what people expect ,ihave been doing this my whole life. thats why i like mopeds ,all my friends ride harleys or big bikes . it really pisses them of when i show up with my passport .thats why i am making a moped chopper . ivan

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