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Hudson, MA

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  • 1984 Puch Maxi Sport LS
  • 1978 Puch Maxi
  • 1981 Puch Magnum MK II
  • 1980 Puch Magnum MK II
  • 1979 Puch Magnum
  • 1978 Motobecane Moby
  • 1985 Motobecane 51V
  • 1979 Motobecane 50V
  • Motobecane 50V
  • Motobecane 50V
  • 1976 Motobecane 40T
  • 1982 Motobecane
  • 1977 Motobecane
I'm a Senior in College right now. I have way too many hobbies... Mopeds in just one of them....

...I own more bikes than I know what to do with...
..and my list of bikes up there may be a little bit off because I'm losing track of the years and models of the bikes I rarely work on... I'm beginning to sell many of my bikes, but I would really like to keep 2-4 bikes for myself. My favorite Motobecane Moby, the 1976 Motobecane 40T hard tail, the Maxi Sport (maybe), and my brown Puch Magnum MkII (for sure). Maybe 3 or 4 of the bikes are for parts, and the remainder I would like to get running and sell eventually when I have time.... .I bought or received all my bikes as non runners (except for my good MkII) .... It's good stuff.

My brown Magnum MkII is my pride and joy. After about 4 years and 3000 miles, it has never given me problems. I often ride 40 miles or more from home and never worry. I designed custom LED Turn Signals/hazards/running lights, which run on battery. (so that even with a dead engine, I still have lights) It's ported and jetted, making it a 40mph bike (on flat) and with 3.00-17 michellin tires, I ride confidently.
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