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  • 1979 Tomos A-3 Bullet
  • 1978 Columbia Commuter
I have always been into small engined vehicles, I have had my Tomos for many years and always meant to fix it up, now I am going for it! Update! As of October, work is still in progress on the Tomos, I had ordered tires for it in August but they didn't come until this month! Needless to say, it slowed things up a bit! Now that I have them I can continue, and should have it running soon. I decided to work on the Columbia while I was waiting for tires and surprised me by starting up and running after putting it back together! The points were messed up and I bought new ones, now the bike runs great! Very peppy too compared to a Honda Express I worked on once. The Columbia is very enjoyable to ride for me and it gets lots of attention too! My son and nieces also really like it, must be the yellow color with the shiney chrome fenders. I am excited to get the Tomos running now! :) Update: 22 Feb 09, Winter has basically stopped me from working on the Tomos, however, I should have is going this spring, I have most of the painting done and my goal is to have it going as soon as its warm enough. In the meantime, I will get a title and registration for the Columbia. :) 15 Aug 09: More delays! But the Tomos is closer! All the major painting is done and the engine is together, now to assemble! Both bikes now have new titles and registration! Yay! :) My Columbia is even insured! And I'm loving riding my Columbia! Can't wait for the Tomos to be done!
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