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  • 1976 Puch Maxi N
After hunting for years I finally found a beat up 76 maxi N with a e50 . I tossed a treat land 70cc kit on and a pipe on it and ripped it around at a face blazing 36 mph until I gathered the parts together to build it up with a za50 , repaint and revamp it . I purchased another maxi with a za50 that I believe may have been in the Boston sound for a few seasons ... All jokes aside this was the rustiest ,crustiest piece of crap Puch I have ever seen and after stripping it for parts determined that the only useable ones where the cases and one light bulb .So I cleaned the cases and got to work .Replaced all bearings and line bored for the gila kit .Enlarged transfers huge and matched The cylinder for maximum Blastliness . A little port work ,more clean up but this was my first gila kit so I wanted to know how it was "unrefined" .Cut the case for a 22 Tooth front and Tig welded in a backer so it Wouldn't fling shit into the magneto . I Then cut cases with sandpaper out to 1000 grit and polished them out to mirror finish with tripoli and a wheel .Installed a new 1977 intake for the tm24. It was the new aluminum one that looked pretty slick after it was ported inside then sanded and polished . But the fitment was crap .It really did not fit the maxi N Frame . It probably fit on a magnum like it a sexy glove of love but was poorly aimed into the frame so I cut and TIGed it back together to achieve proper fitment with filter . Striped, sanded ,primed and painted the frame with a color I had found on a new corvette . I ordered the paint from a local Auto store over the phone and had them mix it up for me . When I went to pick it up the clerck told me it was 295$ for the pint ...... Damm !!! So much for doing build this on the cheep. Oh well this is the last time I will have paint mixed up without a price from them up front first .But It looks sharp. Rather orange in light and more cooper in the dark . Keeping it nostalgic for the old Puchie .Got some flaking 5 stars from Will on Mopedarmy after getting screwed over by two other sellers that apparently thought Paypall was just a ATM funded by members .Dirt blasted them and painted them with F1 gloss black. Sealed bearings and discs from Mike through Treatland .Knowing that they would need custom spacing to fit to the china pit bike calipers I had pirated off an Apollo earlier I opted to not Purchase the hubs as well and fab my own spacers .I wanted to make front and rear disk with the rear caliper floating off the axle so that chain tension wouldn't be an issue in the future .The rear was everything short of easy . The amount of room that is required to allow the caliper to sit properly and not interfere with the freewheel assembly is minimul . Add to that the need for it to slide coupled to a anchor point that will not destroy the thin maxi N "swing arm" and you are really only left with a small window where you can achieve success . I made the bracket from 1/4 SS in multiple pieces and tacked them together in place until it looked like it came that way .Disassembled, welded solid, painted. Purchased Ebay china 12mm bore matching levers. I used the factory front forks with the disc breaks and they work fine despite what other had experienced .They where capiable of stopping the bike faster than I had imagined, short of hitting a car or a tree or something. I made the hydrolic lines from -2an SS line with SS banjos and was rather happy with the lever feel . All Puch Peds I have had suffer a pathetic brake deficincey from the little drum brakes and If I was going to be making it to the 60 mph mark .........It wasn't going to be happening on them. So ,now way over budget and weeks past my expected date of completion I decided to reward myself with a trail tech Vapor, Led headlight conversion and Treatlands vertical fixation rear light . Keeping the electric simple meant no full bridge rectifier/regulator but with led lighting it should be fine on AC for short blasts around town after dark .I found some low dirt bike bars. Shortened them two inches then painted them with a hand full of the odds and ends I missed the first few rounds the tossed them on . I then Outfitted a seat from some older BMW street bike . With the springs chopped out I pushed it back as far as possible with the original post location. Tucking the Led light up under and welding a bracket to support it .On to the exhaust ...I Had a new pipe that I had just purchased from treatland . Some estriol sideblead deal with a carbon silencer . It hit in every possible place so It to got the grinder and welder refit . The header was cut and the exhaust flange realigned for the gila. The expansion portion where it hit the axle bolt and swing arm was cut off and welded flat to sit closer to the bike allowing the pedals to now complete there orbit without interference .All finished it was painted with ceramic paint and installed . Micro pedals where sourced from china and new chains were installed with a 35tooth rear sprocket . A new "Fixie" type derailed was installed to accompany the new mounting point for my rear disk caliper bracket .It was at this point that decided that I really wanted to be running a Hpi mini rotor and not the points set up that I had on .So In a effort to drop a few degrees and add a few fractional ponies I placed another order to treats . Installed that and Now it wouldn't start ... WTF ? It was running fine on the stand with the points but was backfiring with the hpi and kicking back with the pedal . After putting the timing gun on it I found out that despite following the directions to the T It was out 75 degrees . A few emails back and forth between HPI and myself and it was determined if i was to flip the sensor wires polarity against what was stated in the instructions I should have spark when the timing lines where aligned .It worked and I was off for the test ride . A few days of tuning and I have a fun little ZA50 maxi n that will do 60 mph .... Not 60 mph on some crapy Poo speedo . A Gps verified 60 and that was putting a smile on my face in summer traffic .
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