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Recently started playing the drums. . .. .it kicks ass! Outdoors! Love them, cant get enough. Party, party, party. Work. Smoke. Drink. Moon people. Make $money$. Travel. Chill. Skate. Drive. Kick it at parks. Party some more. Intrestes that are interested in me. Any form of artwork -medium prefrence is watercolor. Enjoy creating ceramic objects. Been writing lots and lots and lots of poems and junk like that. Hit me up if ya wanna read any of my shit. Someday gonna join a circus. Night crawler hunting. Fishing of course. Paintball. Paint anything. Play pool. Bowling. Getting wasted and falling down. Skiny Dipping. Naked anything. Laughing. Eating. Roadies, endless roads that go nowhere forever. Don't have a moped myself but I think they're rad!! -Dizzy Dave / DeeezY on here is a good friend. . . ..showing my support. . .. I've witnessed quite a few accounts of Dave on his moped. . .. 4th of July rampage. . . Drunken spills on the streets in the town of Lew. Dave is also my jam buddy. . . he lets me come and make noise in his basement . . . on the drums. Anyways. .. glad to be a part of the MA. . . .

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