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  • 1977 Peugeot 103LVS-U2
  • 1985 General 5 Star
I just recently dug my moped (Minarelli V1L General 5 Star TE) from my garage, which has been sitting outside for about 9 years. This is my first restoration Moped and have done plenty research on it and looking to learning more about two stroke engines, etc and I look forward to getting it running just like the moped restoration hobby I want to start as well. I also Just recently bought a mint condition Peugeot 103 LVS-U2 series moped (pictured below) as well, It need a little tuning etc but it's a beauty!

Looking to Upgrade to 75cc/80cc using the following..

- Cylinder: Minarelli V1 75cc Polini

- Carb: Dellorto 21mm PHBG -Racing Edition

- Ignition: Minarelli Pietcard Conversion CDI

I am planning on fixing up my garage and building/ making a nice Moped/ 2 stroke engine repair shop,etc for a hobby / side business. I want to Be a Moped Picker and restorer, I'm mainly into Vintage Moped but still have interests in and dealings in newer stuff as well. I also would liek to eventually start up a branch with people from my area that are into the same things.

Thats all for now, Don't be a stranger you, hear?
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