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I sell moped parts at
My email address is

A few irresponsible criminals at have chosen between at least Nov. 3-11, 2010 to commit the crimes of identity theft and/or forgery against me. They write for themselves, not me.

Also, one or more people have even hacked into my computer account between at least Nov. 3-11, 2010, used my login id, and committed the crimes of identity theft and forgery by forging my name to their webposting.

If anyone claiming to be "Ed Harding" did something obnoxious, it wasn't me. I've only been posting ads for and repeatedly complaining about identity theft and people forging my name.

My genuine webpostings are from:
Username: "Ed Harding"
ip address: "("
user id: "_ed"
So far, no one has figured out how to hack into this configuration, so if you see this signature, its probably mine.

I have also posted a few notices from the user_id

I suspect that some of the harassment against me is PAID black ops harassment work. This knowledge might explain why a few members might chose to continue to waste their valuable time harassing me.
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