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Don Braun

Anchorage, AK

Because I married Paula and because she had a dysfunctional or nonfunctional moped, I now have been tasked (I think "tasked" is one of those au courant MBA type words that make you sound like you know what you're talking about) to fix the moped. I have some experience with an old Yamaha, lots of old 220 hp Cummins diesel engines, and a smattering of Detroits and Cats. So from a Peugot 103 I know nothing.

I'm a bureaucrat by trade and generally work in rural Alaska. The Anchorage zip is correct. The moped is in Anchorage. In trying to get it operating, I'll probably screw something up and take it to a friend and best mechanic in Anchorage, Ron Bowerman (the number 1 drag racer in the state last year) who can make anything run if it can be made to run.

I notice that the throttle cable doesn't seat in the Magura handlegrip assembly. I'll give the project a bit of a go.

Regards, Don

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