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Jackson, OH

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  • 1978 Batavus Starflite
  • 1997 Hero Majestic Panther
  • 1994 Hero Majestic Ankur
  • 1971 Honda Super Cub
  • 1980 Motobecane Sebring
  • 1980 Motobecane Sebring
  • 1988 Motomarina Sebring
  • 1987 Motomarina Sebring
  • 1987 Motomarina Sebring
  • 1985 Motomarina Sebring
  • 2005 Tomos Streetmate
  • 1984 Tomos Silver Bullet
  • 1990 Tomos Blue Bullet
  • 1986 Tomos A-3 Golden Bullet
The moped pic is from this site,but I own similar looking Sebrings.I love riding on mopeds. Long trips are a specialty of mine, getting back the same day.
I don't ride fast.......but I see the sights. I take some pics and ride a lot at night also.
I post on many moped forums, and enjoy talking to most of you guys/gals.
The Sebrings are my favorite mopeds, with their big frame and tires and cushy large seat. The StreetMate is great,too!
So far,417 miles is my single-day best trip up doing the Lake Erie half-loop in 24 hrs. of riding the US side.
Mopeds are an escape for I am thankful for. See ya'! don-ohio (:^D
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