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  • 2009 Tomos ST
Pedals, no motor, 2 wheels:

Mountain bike
Amsterdam bike
City bike
Touring/cross bike


Pedals, motor, 2 wheels:

Tomos ST 2009 w/ Airsal 70cc, re-sprung chrome leather clutches, Biturbo, PHVA 17.5 with 84 main and 38 idle, Unipod, 26/22 gearing, 320mm rear shox, oil injector in the trash, premix fuckin' a.

Total stealth Q-ship, looks like a stock dozercycle.


No pedals, motor, 2 wheels:

1978 XL125, rides like something between a mountain bike and a Tauntaun.

1982 Nighthawk 450, milkcrate on back. Ugly. Will. Not. Die. (Update RIP 2/2011)

2010 Sym Symba with a Vespa seat and a big ass fucking crate on the back.


No pedals, motor, 4 wheels:

2004 Subaru Impreza Outback Sport. Currently collecting dust.


No pedals, no motor, no wheels:

Sequential Circuits Pro-One, 1980 model


Day job: sometimes people vomit near me.
Night job: same.
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