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Dallas Jakeman


Sacramento, CA

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  • 1960 Honda Z50
  • 1978 Peugeot 103LVS-U2
I'm new to the moped scene learn me everything you know so I may be learned or what ever

I'm Dallas I’m 20 years old I got my ped to save me some cash I love anything with a motor in it and with that little screw that you think you know how to adjust but you end up breaking your motor (lol) the Honda was given to me by my great granddad in his will I think he knew I was going to love it

I’m currently going to UTI I’m a student of all trades I want to learn as much as I can but for some reason a lot of it falls out lol

Ya well I think everyone now knows a little about yourself o wait myself so be safe have fun and where protection

p.s. you should where a helmet as well
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