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Darren David

Virginia Beach, VA

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  • 1998 Tomos Targa LX
  • 1995 Tomos Targa LX
  • 1995 Tomos Sprint
  • 1978 Sachs Balboa
  • 1981 Honda PA50
I DJ parties, take photos, ride mopeds, and get bent. The beach is fun and I like to skim board there. I also like riding bikes, not as fun as a moped, but it's still fun I guess. I'm pretty clumsy and girls don't like me. My moped is the opposite of a chick magnet. If my fat ass lost weight, I think my moped would be able to keep up with bicycles. The list of mopeds above are mopeds that I've owned. Right now I'm riding this bad boy. Hit me up if you're trying to ride, I could use some friends.
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