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Barcelona, Spain

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I live in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. I own a Peugeot SV50 scooter and I dream of buying a Montesa Impala 175 Sport motorbike (search it in the web, there are many webs for that marvellous catalan motorbike model). I also own a '77 Simca 1200 car, and I'm building a site for that model, you can visit it at
I love everything with wheels and/or engine(s), especially cars and bikes, and among them, those that are considered classics ones.
Barcelona is proud to be the city with the highest motorbike/inhabitants ratio of the world, there are thousands of them running across the city, some semaphores are like GP starting grids, with tenths of bikes revving, waiting the green light to shoot them faster to...the next traffic lights ;-) Good climate and our love for freedom helps for being so motorbike-lovers.
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