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Bob Smiley

Santa Ana, CA

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  • 1984 Derbi Variant SLE
  • 1987 Derbi RD-50
  • 1987 Derbi RD-50
  • 1980 Derbi Laguna
I am the founding member of Derbies Anonymous according to my wife. We own a place on Catalina Island and that is where our bikes are kept. I have developed and cross matched big bore kits, big carbs and hand made many different exhaust configurations for these GREAT bikes. Nothing climbs hills like a Derbi. There was a dealership for these bikes back in the 80's on the Island and that's where I got all my bikes that I have fully restored. I have had about a dozen of the C-5 Diablos and their later spin-off, the RD-50. These 2 kinds of bikes were sold in Europe with 125cc engines and 4 speed gearboxes, but with only moped engines here in the states because of the "no bigger than 50cc" stupid smog laws. I have them up to 78cc and have cured ALL lower end clutch bearing wear problems so the engines are virtually in destructible. In my burial instructions I have told my wife to bury my favorite Rd-50 with me but hopefully that is at least 40 years away!
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