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  • 1981 Honda Express

I am a 37 yr. old female and I LOVE MY 1981 HONDA EXPRESS!!!!I live in Belle,Mo., a tiny town just north of the Ozarks..Sweet little town-unless you live,and,DRIVE here.I like to call it "Helle,Mo."I am a licensed driver -I had ONE ticket when I was 16yrs. old.In fact,I have a completely clean record-I have never been charged,or,even suspected of ANY crime,yet,I am pulled over for offenses that I have not committed(my plates don't match the vehichle...THEY DID 2 DAYS AGO WHEN YOU PULLED ME OVER FOR MY LIC. PLATE LIGHT BEING OUT(it wasn't-or,it MIRACULOUSLY began working in the 50 ft. I hadn to drive to reach my driveway...))I could go on,& on,& on,&'s not just me-we just live in "Nazi Germany".So,when a friend offered to sell me her "Express",for $30.00!!!!!-I jumped on it!!!6 people in town owned it,before me,and noone could keep it running for more than 30 seconds....but,my Old Man got her going,and I LOVED it!!!I don't care what anyone said(you've heard all the jokes)when I was riding,you'd think I was on a HARLEY!!!!But,sadly,on a crisp Sept. evening,I was gettin' it through the park on my way to a friends,and I musta blew a ring.....I am so sad....Now it's spring(nearly) and I can't find the parts I need in this 1 whore town!!!!Help me get my Baby back on the road!!!!!

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