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Powerplant is now an Alukit 70 cc case matched, Hi Compression head, Teflon coated piston, Super stuffy crank, mild port job, Malossi 4 petal reed, Weekends Intake manifold, Dellorto 21mm Race PHBG, Hpi mini rotor, MLM BLK100 Sidebleed, EBR Hydro, A35/ A3 Clutch Conversion ; Trick Metric 1st 2nd gear clutch, Lucky Two Strokes dashboard, Motion Pro Vortex throttle, Rear Hydro shocks.

All work done by myself with some help over at Lucky Two Strokes of Boston.

*Currently testing out L2S ZA50 Tomos Clutch modification

2nd Place @ MOPED GP 2015 non variated
2nd Place @ NEMA races 2015 non variated
1st Place @ MOPED GP East 2015 non variated
3rd Place @ MOPED GP East 2015 unlimited

*CLUTCH UPDATE: Trickmetric Hammer
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