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  • 1976 Bianchi Snark Eagle Standard
  • 1980 Peugeot 102SP U3
  • 1962 Sears Allstate
  • 1960 Sears Allstate
  • 1959 Sears Allstate
  • 1954 Sears Allstate
  • 1954 Sears Allstate
Love Mo-Pedding! Love playing guitar real hard! Love girls even harder! Love my Old 10c arcade Bowling Machine! Love old finny fibreglass boats! Love Amc Pacers! Love almost any tube-driven apparatus! Absolutely love Theremins! I love 63, 64, & 65 Buick Rivieras! I love old busses! I just plain love.
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Don't hurt yourself with any of it.
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