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  • 1980 Puch Magnum II
Was a paperboy, delivered newspapers, in the wee hours or the morn winter also on a motobecane, also a puch maxi. The moby blew up...I couldnt get a decent cylinder piston combo that wouldnt seize( haw haw haw.. meester frenchman!!! vee vill ruin your stupeed ec-no-me..with our cheep crappy out of specs cylinders...haw,haw,haw)So I gave it to the fat man behind the counter. My brother then bought a seizure-special.. a Peaugeot.. nice suspension though.. crappy engine....French again. Then we had a puch, we put a special downdraft carb on it.. the float was on the side..incedentally... when the pipe was off.. and the piston was down... you could see the ground thru the carb..if you opened the was a streight shot. awe also sent the cylinder to be bored ... and polished and ported, then we found a tiny expansion chamber from a Yamaha 50 or 80.. and tuned it with a homade "supertrap" disc exaust.
with Klotz 50-1 and Klotz octain boost we had a 50 mph moped..imagine a 14 year old kid.. 1 am.. in a foot of snow.. in a blizzard.. with that open pipe, rin-bin-bin sound..delivering papers..ha,ha,ha
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