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Dann Finn

Chelmsford, MA

Dangers the name, and for the last 6 years Ive been riding my iron horse lone-star. I first saw moby at a barn sale standing quietly next to a little yellow honda. We were on our way to church that fateful sunday, I think it was the last mass before summer and everybody was decked out. When I saw them, both bikes were covered in a thick layer of dirt that could only come from years of sitting, but I didnt care because it was the engines between the wheels that I was fixated on. I told my mother to pull over and of course she objected, so I racked my briliantly cynical adolescent mind beacuse I knew it was my destiny to have wheels before I was sixteen. I had to find some form of reasoning that might suffice, or at the very least astonish her goodly mind enough to stop the car. Finally, at the last second before we rounded the next bend, I blurted out that jesus was nailed to a cross so he sure as hell wasnt going anywhere-but 2 mopeds with a twelve dollar price tag shure as hell were. Needless to say the car came to a grinding halt and before 9 medievl armies worth of verbal vio lence came down on my ass, I was out the door and running.
Long story short: 2 months, one furious mother, 1 terminal honda, and one $75 moby muffler from california, I had wheels. Now that Im a little bit older and couple thousand summer miles more tan, I am just interested in who else is out there patrolling the side streets.

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