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  • 1980 Sachs Suburban
  • 1978 Motobecane 7
I usually live in Chicago, but I'm staying in Niles temporarily. Hit me up if you want to ride! I work from home on my own hours. I will ride anytime! You can even borrow a moped cuz I have 2.

I bought my first moped in May of 2010 from someone I found on Craigslist. It was a totally dead 1978 Motobecane Model 7, but the price was right. I taught myself how to work on it (with lots of help from this site of course) and I got it running with plenty of summer left.

I still have my Motobecane 7. First I threw a Dellorto 15.15 SHA carb on it. Then, I got the sim circuit pipe. Then, I installed the 70cc Parmakit on it. I also have a long seat coming (hopefully, 1977mopeds is failing me on shipping at the moment) and I put passenger pegs on it. The fastest it has gone for me is mid 40s. I have since lost my circuit pipe, so I'm back to stock exhaust going around 40. I lost 50 pounds since then. I am hoping that I can get near 60 once I get another pipe and to a 19mm to 21mm carb on there. Let me know if you have advice.

My other moped is a 1980 Sachs Suburban. It's got the almighty 505/1D motor on it. I replaced the Bing carb with a Dellorto 15.15 SHA. I also got the Giannelli pipe on it. I dremel'd out the intake and flipped it forward. Long seat and passenger pegs of course too. I want to eventually get a 70cc kit on it. I've got it up to 34 MPH, but I am hoping changing up the timing will give me a little more power before I get a kit.

I am always looking for people to cruise with or wrench with. So, if you want to cruise, drop me a line. If you don't have a moped or your's isn't working, you can borrow one of mine. Maybe you are bike-curious and are thinking about buying a moped. Hit me up! You can ride mine and help convince yourself to buy one. If you want some help working on your moped, or you want to help me work on mine in exchange for some beers or something, I'm game. I have diagnosed and fixed many issues over the years. Maybe I can help you.


I have some advice for people buying their first moped on Craigslist: People on Craigslist have a very different definition of "runs good" and "runs great" and "reliable". "Runs great" on CL means that it ran last year, but has been sitting in the rain and snow for a year and hasn't been started since. "Runs good" means that at some point it started once, but was never actually rode and you are several hundred bucks and several months away from having a decent moped. "Reliable" means that it will roll in a somewhat straight line when you push it. Now, you don't learn this with a simple email or phone call. No, that would be too easy. You learn this when you waste your money renting a fuel hungry van and drive to their place, most likely a few hours away from the city they claim to live. When you finally get their and nearly kill yourself pedaling your ass off, they will tell you about 5 minutes before you have a heart attack. Also, any agreed upon price you may have thought you were getting is non-existent. You will be lucky to pay the asking price and there is a chance they actually want more "cuz they promised it to someone willing to pay way more 5 minutes before you arrived" even though their ad is weeks old.
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