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Marc Friedman


Davis, CA

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  • 1978 Honda Hobbit
  • 1978 Honda Hobbit
  • 1980 Puch Magnum
  • 2011 Tomos ST
  • 1978 Vespa Bravo
Used to have a motorcycle in San Francisco in the 1980s. Always maintained a licence. I have loved bikes since a youngster and am an avid mountain biker. I like to fix thing and figure out what makes things tick. Got into mopeds last year initially to help my son get around in Santa Barbara. One rainy night bought two mopeds off Craigs list, the Bravo and one of the Hobbits. The Bravo ran ..slowly and the Hobbit was in beyond parts bike condition. Bought two 2011 Tomos for my son and myself and have thrown myself into the arts of restoration and speed.
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