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CyclePat's Electric Motor Assisted Bikes (often referred to simply as CyclePat or CyclePat's) is a Power-assisted bicycle / electric bicycle maker. A manufacturing company based in Ontario, Canada, CyclePat's is a member of the Electric Vehicle Council of Ottawa, and produces on a small scale, 1 to 2 electric motor assisted bikes a year.

The company was founded and registered in Ontario by Patrick Roy on January 28, 2005 with the name CyclePat's Electric Motor Assisted Bikes. The shop operates in both French and English. Patrick Roy, was educated at Garneau and the University of Ottawa, soon to earn a Bachelor of Music and "Arts Administration" from the later.

"CyclePat's" original/primary purpose was to manufacture and sell electric bicycle conversion kits, such as Bionx and Wilderness Energy. However due to the Ontario government's lack of complacency to to change legislative laws pertinant to PABs, CyclePat's is being forced into slowly becomming a non-profit government lobby enterprise. CyclePat forshawdows registering with the government within it's next fiscal term (January 2006) so other similar manufactures, distributors and retailers may clearly voice their opinions and properly petition the Ontario government. (See: Draft Petition)

CyclePat promotes equality rights, educational material, legal advice, and on the side CyclePat's is developing / (has produces) it's first prototype PAB through much R&D. CyclePat's is a politically inclined emerging company, profiving free legal counsel to residents all over America, ensuring prompt and fair trials (to users of such vehicles), developing policy for larger organisation such as the "electric vehicle coucil of Ottawa", or the "Cycle Ontario Alliance". The influence of CyclePat's has been notable in the Ottawa municipal government by it support in the creation of a letter to the ontario government for supporting the use of PABs (for on road) in Ottawa. Essentially recognizing such vehicles in Ottawa. This article could be a sub-article of electric bicycle laws or manufacture.

This petition was started because of several facts; primarily, The Ontario Highway Traffic Act (HTA) does not currently define a PAB. Secondly, it is because many users and renters face obvious discrimination when attempting to obtain automobile insurance in Ontario. (See footnote 1) It is also because Quebec, British Columbia and almost all the rest of Canada have adopted the federal defintion of a PAB, excluding them from registration, plating and insurance within their province. Essentially, Ontario is the last province in Canada to move toward legalizing PABs for use on roads, even though they have been federally defined and completely legal in Canada since early 2001. Finally it is because the MTO defines a PAB and states that it cannot be legally operated on the road in Ontario because it fails to meet safety standards. However many PABs such as those manufactured by CyclePat, seemingly do meet safety standards.

Products History
"CyclePat's" product line is limited to one item. It is it's first prototype electric bicycle. This prototype is fully registered and plated for on road use in Ontario as a Moped. (Make:VeloSport, Model: Blast) Although the MTO does not normally allow registration of PABs as mopeds, a few PAB owners in Ontario, thanks in part to "CyclePat's" have managed to register their electric bicycle as a moped. As well, unlike the propoganda provided by the Ministry of Transportion(MTO)(see sample) CyclePat's "power-assisted bicycles" are fully registrable, platable, and insurable as "motor-assisted bicycles."

Some of CyclePat's other products / works include investements within the R&D (research and developement) in manufacturing PABs, (ie.: General Assembly, Safety procedures, ISO standards, Research in laws, the creation of educational material, maintenance owners manuals, how-to books, etc.) There are a number of legal and safety considerations to consider while operating any bicycle in Ontario, let alone a PAB, and CyclePat's take great care in ensuring the education and safety of all PAB users.

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