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Carl Collins O.a. Oshodi

Benin, Nigeria


As quoted in the philosophies of my heart, that, the flowers, familiar to us and which we take much delight and care to plant around us, are the veritable sources of pleasantness, instructions and inspiration. They often delight our senses, they soothe our consciousness via the soul, they seldom bloom to serve the purposes, for which they were meant by our creator and at last in withering away they do not die immediately as experienced on other kinds; but lapses into the periodic life of eternity. Such are the perfect life of great and good men. They usually unfold themselves into their intrinsic and spectacular beauty, untrammeled by the fleeter that the work-a-day world imposes upon them, to die, to work for the ultimate goal of spiritual realization of God, and how it will benefit humanity, and to revive into the glory of heaven. It is clear that the modern world, with its “sick hurry and divided aims” does not always care to take note of a primordial life, it cannot be detected by the laws bidding the sequence of nature, and plump in external achievements.

Such is my life as I have experienced it, which I am going to present to the public in the following scrolls of real facts and astonishing stories. It can resist of no startles, no feature is bright in it that can dazzle your understanding. Though I have not won laurel in any sphere of dull existence of modern life, I am out and out warrior without the fear of loosing my life, fighting the baser passions of my nature and conquering them on the eternal battlefield of ignorance. I have not fought with weapons of Iron, or of whatever forms of physicality, but with the sword of bravery and spirit; knowledge of the power of God. My enemies were not men, but the sordid part of myself that tried to clog my march into the ultimate goal of life.

I am Carl Collins Ogunshola Aremu Oshodi and this is my story. I was born in Ondo State. Due to hardship and the economic plight, I was brought up in the house of my maternal aunt at Benin City in the districts of Edo State on the Niger-Delta area of Nigeria and temporarily taken to the middle belt area of the country- Niger State. Thus calamity was born as with me and, my history. As stated below, is one long drawn tale of uproaring adversities. After the death of whom I will call my mother from all generation to come, for nine year I have not gone to school. However, my relatives were unable to take charge of me, as they could not understand me anymore. They thought I was stubborn, insane or discouraged in life, but unaware to them that the Lord's hand is upon me. I attended pre-nursery and primary school successfully, and this landed me in the secondary school. Although, at all stages of my life, I was intelligent, cruel and very stubborn indeed as it sterned as a result of the plight I was facing, my brilliancy was so sharp at the early stage, but it however sprang up tremendously when I was in my late junior secondary school when I won the Debate for Mathematics and actuary fictions in science and the arts.

During my school days, it was however glaring that I won numerous awards and prize ranging from textbooks and cash. It should be noted that I was also member of several clubs and organizations in my school, of which I served as president and secretary general in these clubs during my secondary school days. I was never proud of my self but that the name of the organizations I belonged be taken to limelight. And I‘d like to say that I actualized the dreams I had for these organizations and clubs.

Thus during my school days, I was the president of the following clubs namely: interact club ( of which I have turned out to be an interactor of high honor ) , press club, literary and Debating society, Animals kindness club, masses orientation club, Commandant: Man ‘O’ War, third president/founder Movement for progressive reforms for the under privilege and youth Re- Orientation ( mopruyro); secretary general :national association of the masses consciousness and Labor right orientation (NAMCALRO) of which I later became her youngest president ever to serve the association.

As aforementioned, I never gave up my service at the expenses of the wishes of the people. Because my mind was fixed at alleviating the plight of the poor and the masses in general. To this end, I have not cheated the poor, or act contrary to their wishes of the aforementioned people I represent with all mind, even when there were avenues to cheat on them I never since I bear their burden, hence I could not cheat on them a while. Truly I served them with all diligence and truth, and each one of them can testify to this fact I speak about. I was never found wanting during my school days, as I have to work hard to make my guardian mother proud, hence as the fact remain that I was the school’s prefect General.

When I left school in 2000 due to the fact that I was having no money to further my school, I had to drop out to work in order to get money I could use in paying for my fees and other necessary bills as my guardian was badly sick this time. I then proceed to work in a manufacturing company owned by the government where I was made the youngest supervisor and the youngest Nigerian Labor comrade serving under the zonal chairman of the east-south Zone of the country: Malam Ibrahim saheed Ibanga. My eloquence quickly elevated my fame to winning the award for the ‘youngest and most active spokesman (17years at that time) in the nation. Consequently I had to re-entered school due to my yearning to be educated in 2001, where in fact I was immediately appointed as the school’s prefect General and as the protocol student office to counseling students on leadership exposition in the school, which brought the entire community in participating in the program.

Apart form being the school’s prefect general, I was the first in the history of the school to nominated the youngest to be absorbed to attend the parent/teachers Association. In fact as a result of this absorption, the parent teacher association (PTA) experiences a new, frantic and positively drastic development allowing a meaningful dialogue and resolution. It was during this time more so, I was referred to as: ‘the Man clothed in young flesh’ and the ‘Father as Seen in the Child’. Indeed my present and participation was highly appreciated by the parent/ teachers Association (PTA).

In short owing to the fact that activities ranging from social to personal tie down my vision, this spasm never affected my yearning for pure and meaningful education. Thus in my school, I was always among the first ten (10) best in my school days and this cannot be over emphasized by the teachers and staff of the schools I therefore attended. These performances was both in the class room and outside the class room, even sparkling beyond the state to national through Debates and other community services rendered by the national student Family. Apart from this mentioned above, I was also the best with 12 ‘A’s in all the subject I enrolled for in the Junior secondary school certificate examination (J.S.S.C.E), and the 13th best in the nation for the west African senior school certificate Examination ( W.A.S.S.C.E) with 6 ‘A’s in the subject sat for. And was also the 2nd Best in the community examination for senior secondary school in the nation (N.E.C.A.S.G) with 7 ‘A’s. This was the reason why I was nicknamed ‘the young scholar and intellectual wizard’. I want to clearly state that I am not a Wizard at all, but I am the very person who I am nothing more, nothing less. They all wondered how I succeeded despite the fact that I was not always punctual in school, still I retained the position as the Best student despite all plans to frustrate my determination for a quality education, which till now I am still striving to actualize.

This of course pushed me into the university for the deliberate ambition i owe humanity in general. Yes it was quite true i completed my first degree with scholarship i had from the rotary club international, but my yearnings for the moving humanity was thus not sufficient. therefore i re-entered the university where my major this time was psychology as against philosophy i has first read.. All this and many more the vision i must complete to rendered my existence an important one indeed.

But still it is quite glaring that my ambition is however centered on the alleviation of the plight of the poor to the best of my ability in time of violation of their fundamental human right as stated in the nation’s constitution, and this is what I am well known for in my community.

Calamities that dissolve the mental texture of the weaker man are apt to push the pious on the gates of heavens. I was neglected by my relatives and even blessed parents, only to come close into the embrace of the father of the universe. Although all those who knows me always wish to see me, but I felt I was always under the eyes of my heavenly father, who was taking care of me from above. Indeed these adversities and struggles in life smoothed down the angularity of my character and I formed it into a rounded equipoise of virtue. My heart became mellowed with mercy and charity towards those who lack the virtue of life, and who faces tribulation and predicament of nature. My love and sympathy has always flowed in an incessant stream at the doors of the poor and wretched of the knowledge of life. I have once known that every morsel of food, advanced to the lips of a hungry man, is given unto God. That every kind word, spoken to the distressed, transfuses itself into the most vital prayer at the altar of God. In accordance to what I believe is the ultimate goal of life, I have extended my charity to all whom I had thought needy and of whom I have been able to do something. Even when I become a wealthy man tomorrow, I will always remain an honest friend of the poor. I should as well tell those who possess the same quest, charity and goodwill will/is averse to any fame and praise. My solemn simplicity captivates "One for all, all for one."

There is hardly a life that does not fall of evil time and dellusionment, and mine is no exception to that. When I was confronted with adverse circumstances, I became privileged to come close to the poor. The most unstinted love and sympathy that were extended unto me constitute a huge wealth to me that is better not, to be laid bare before the public eyes. In fact these things are too sacred for publication and I would not have been constrained to do it had not the kind-hearted reader insistently called for an account of my life.

In the agonies of a life’s time I have come to appreciate that nothing in this life is without importance, as the glory a day pays that I was born simply means that I will be subjected to the manifestations of all that I afore experience. My life therefore is such a sober one! I was born to face the huddles of life in its dreaded forms of realization, upon that I only pay gratitude to fact that God in his infinite mercy has lead me through the race of this changing material world. I am indeed grateful to God for creating me, just that I have experience these huddles right from the very day I was born, in order that his words may be fulfilled on me.

It is true that I was born an Orphan, but suffice that those with whom I would have rested my burdens were never there to help. Instead I was left to face the harsh world all alone. Yes I must face my worst fears all alone, but this was not a criterion that I ought to have been neglected by my relatives only to be trained by a poor widow who shower her greatest love on me.

For years now I have been neglected by my relatives and the government of my country- Nigeria (who in fact regards not the plight of the under privilege or the orphans), still I have not slacked back as I have to work in my studies and in doing odd jobs as a child to pay the medical bills of my Guardian Widow who brought me up in the ways of the Lord to respect the Morals of the land, and to stress LOVE and EQUITY and pay for my fees both in the primary and secondary school. Although I went to school with hardship and suffering that paying for my fees was that difficult in all respect, but the Lord so good I became naturally intelligent as this sterned my school to paying a portion of my fees as part of my contributions in representing the school in debates.

However in my scholarly strive to make my guardian proud, as it was known that after I come back from school and definitely where I had gone for my odd jobs, which usually turned out to be a tedious one, I will have to go borrow books and notes to read in order to retain my position as the best in the Class of 107 students, this of course will be throughout the night till morning at about 5-6am before I will sleep. Even to an extent that I will have to forfeit sleeping in order to cover the work, though not all the time. This was what I experienced throughout the stages of my adolescence years without no one coming to help me out, talk less my guardian who had been sick until she past on two years ago. I past through life till this period I am writing this autobiography with predicaments upon the fact that, I have to face the issues of life all alone in the midst of nothingness and adversities. This I have had no hopes and aspiration that the future have abundant in stock for me, and that as a matter of fact I had your institution as the striking mantle for my triumph into a new skirt of life’s pleasure and the fulfillment of the works of God Almighty.

I have a mission which I do not only owe my guardian, beloved late parent who both died three months prior to when I was born ( father ) and 30 minutes after I was born (Mother), Berea college and the world in general. This are the more reason I realized I had to work hard that I should not become lazy in the course of time, which I therefore yearned to uplift the plight of those with whom help is far, but cry for help. I shall render the best of my ability in the citadel of hard work, love, charity, Goodwill, Justice, peace, joy, as I can channel in my life’s time to the feet of the poor, orphans, widows, under privilege and those that lack justice. This is never a promise but that very sublime course that bears it’s fortitude in my heart each day, waiting that redemption shall come and the souls of God’s shall become bosom in shining stars of Goodness and Prosperity.

Thus this Is the reason therefore why I have decided to study philosophy in order that I can understand the fullest course of life and apply profitable to life’s endeavors, hence this was the major criteria that sterned my enthusiasm to writing philosophical and books (though yet un published captioned " what shall I Do?) So that I can take the depressed to the land of courage and blissful prosperity. I therefore dedicate my life to the works of He who created me – GOD, Helping those with whom my might is sufficient. I hope of winning the Nobel Prize for peace and togetherness as it concern the Global Village.

Consequently, in many a time have I visited the poor. However due to the things I have seen about life, with its psychical manifestation, based on evaluation and analysis, I look very sad and pensive and always like to be alone in deep meditation away from the bustle of my mind in the realm of God. Thus I have vowed to bequeath all my property by a will to be utilized in the course of alleviating the poor, after the sole of my life. I have thus come to accept with all my heart the suffering I am going through, so that in the end of time I can able to redeem those in the same fate, this as I am confident will be based on the knowledge I have accumulated over time right from birth. I am not depressed simply for the circumstances I am facing, but I am happy because the end of the road will rejoice on my arrival. This is joy in the end! This is the reason why I needed help in the areas of my educational upliftment in life

Men of my type constitute the very salt of the earth. We make the human life worth living. We cannot shut our eyes to the glaring blackness that enshrouded the lives of those around us. Though filth sticks to it, but sordidness eats into it. But the volume of darkness that gathers around us is dissipated by the hallow of angelic light that character of our type represents. These sustain us in our trials, braces us up with hope before the gaping teeth of adversities, our goodness strikes the balance against the evil existing in the universe. From the many lives of the prophets, I have learnt that it is not all evil with us in this world, and though good and evil, light and darkness, we will all be conducted into the realm of permanent bliss reserved for us by our beneficent father, who reign forevermore. Amen. However word fails to express my gratitude on behalf of those who have gained from the knowledge of this short story of the event of my life.

God bless, as his grace remain with all who shall read from the short story of my life as I have thus narrated them. Amen. I have no word right now but to say thank you for taking your time to read this story, it is indeed a sober experience. But know it therefore that I was born simply that I should aforementioned face this trends necessarily that I shall become a Man ready for the Lord’s work in the near time to come. Thank you for you time indeed. I really appreciated your precious time to know who I am


Carl Collins.O.A Oshodi

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