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Christopher Minks

Mountainside, NJ

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  • 1963 Motobi 48 Sport
  • 1970 Italjet KIT KAT 50
  • 1968 Cimatti City Bike
  • 1965 Benelli Fireball 50
  • 1971 Benelli

I have been an avid motorcycle racer, collector and restorer and have always has a great love of sub-50cc motorcycles, mopeds and mini-bikes. My collection is always changing and I currently am restoring my two Benelli Buzzers (one red and one blue), and my Awesome candy orange Italjet Kit-Kat 50. Modifying all with expansion chambers and hot carbs, along with some mild transfer port and piston porting/modifications to enhance power. My red Buzzer is currently capable of over 45 MPH. Not bad on 5 inch tires.

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