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  • 1979 Honda PA50
I'm a 40 year old community college teacher in Central New York. Married, with a one year-old daughter.

I recently picked up a 79 PA50, and it is the third one I've owned in my life. The first two were during my teenage years: I think they were 81 and 83 PA50II's. I loved those things, and there's little doubt that I feel so strongly about the one I just bought because of those memories.

The bad news is that I have virtually no mechanical skills, especially when it comes to engines. When I was a kid, that wasn't too big of a deal because my brother is a genius with them and always kept me on the road with them. He's five hours away now, so I can't really rely on him. I've posted something on craigslist about how I'm looking for someone to work with me on this bike, and I've gotten some good responses. So I'm hopeful...

I live a mile from work, and I want this moped to be my primary means of transportation until the winter hits.

My longer term goal is to use this vehicle to learn a little bit about the internal combustion engine. I know enough about myself to know that I'll never be a whiz with them; but I'd really like to learn to do a liitle of the work and diagnosis myself. Sournds corny, but I think my brother will be really proud of me.