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Guelph, Canada

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  • 1971 Motobecane 50V
Mopeds rock!

I like to build!

I own a Motobecane and a custom.


I always wanted to own a moped.. now i do, and i wonder why people don't all have mopeds. I guess it makes TOO much sense.

I hate SUV's...
I hate little bitch's who drive honda civic's and know nothing about cars, yet think their cars are formula one racers.
I hate George Bush.
I hate Oprah and her damn book club.
I hate Religious freaks who cannot live side by side with people whom have different beliefs.
I hate how people are so weak these days that they hide behind guns to solve all their problems.
I hate how girl guide cookies discontinued peanut butter as a flavour.
I hate how postage is always in odd amounts, even though i rarely mail stuff, its damn confusing
I hate how hotdogs come in packs of 8, and buns come in packs of 12.
Not a huge fan of Diet Cola.
Could do without tomatoes on my burger.

I love motorbikes.
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