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  • 1980 Motobecane Traveler
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  • 1975 Motobecane Cady
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  • 1959 Montgomery Wards Riverside Moped
  • 1959 Montgomery Wards Riverside Moped
  • 1979 Grycner
i am 57,i first had a motobecane when i was 18, to get to work. it was great to ride .. i now have many mopeds to rebuild and all are motobecanes .. i only rode one motobecane in the last 26 years was one i bought on eBay and when i got it home i drove it around the block, it felt great, and died shortly before i reached home. i made a test stand to check motor without pedaling. i have a lot of completed motors, some of the motors were seized up and i got them moving good now. i bought 2 new carburetor, i know they work but engines still not firing. i tried to set timing on motor and check gaps and spark plugs points, i am able to check for electrical power from the ignition secondary coil. i know there are a lot of people could help me and give me some of their knowledge and expertise in motobecane motors and someone should help me get these motors going. i wish i could ride one right now and show my wife how great and fun it is with gas prizes at all time high. it just seem the right thing to be doing repair and give these bikes a new life. i will greatly appreciate some help and ideas. charles f.
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