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I got the old CADY going last evening . . . amazingly the old drivebelt was still usable, AND the damn busted headlight WORKED - so I proceeded to do a couple of careful laps around my backyard, in the dark, on the inflated rear tire with the front one flat now THAT's fun.
OK that was LAST WEEK . . .
The latest is that I just bought a 1981 SACHS G4 moped.
Well, it's SORTOF a moped anyway. It does have 'pedals' but they cannot be used to pedal it like a bike, they are just used to kick-start it (or if you are REALLY athletic, you can stand on the pedals and pedal it to a start - REALLY hard to pedal!!!!!!) It is the usual 50 cc, but with a 505D Sachs engine / gear drive assembly.
And it has a small recharcheable lead-acid battery under the seat to power the lights / turnsignals when stopped
Looking for ANYBODY who has ever owned this wied beast!
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