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Ralph Lundberg


Carson City, NV

At 15 and a 1/2..our family immigrated to Sweden.
I already had a learners permit i Ca. rode a guy's step through 90 Suzuki and a Honda 175 twin--plus a 64 Buick Skylark...Then found out that in Sweden one could not operate a MC or a Car untill 18--major arrg for me. Very soon after we got there..I was able to purchase a 1952 Husky one speed bicycle framed
metallic blue 39cc moped...for 100 Swedish Crowns =
20.00 us...It served me well for a whole year...
I took it on a big road trip once and blew everyones mind...40-50 miles one way. I road Mx with our local in the woods track..and humbled a few 2 speed 50cc Monarks.... I Have some pictures but must photograph them and will submit later if anyone is interested.
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