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Walworth, WI

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  • 1980 Sachs Sundancer
  • 1976 Jawa Transistor 40
I am 17 years old and I recently bought a 1980 SACHS SUNDANCER for $20.00 from a guy that had it rusting away in his barn for around say 15-20 years. It had 189 original miles on it and was pretty rusted. So far I have got it running great. It is RED and BLACK and does about 30MPH stock, it would go faster if I modify the intake and tail pipe. I made a visor for the headlight to give it that badass rat-rod look and plan to build a custom exaust, drag bars, seat, lower the back end, and a ONE INCH RACING CARB WITH AN 70CC KIT AND SMALLER REAR SPROCKET. (SHE'S GONNA HALL SOME ASS)
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