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  • 2000 Tomos Targa LX
I just turned 16 on October 18.. When i was 14 years old my uncle bought me a 1978 puch and i rode that up and down his sidewalk untill i got my moped permit ( october 18, 2003 ) on my birthday.. A week and a half after that , My mom decided to get me my cuzins friends moped he was selling for my road test for my Moped license.. it was a 1999 tomos targa lx. GREAT MOPED. He said it ran better then the stock ones even though he didn't add anything to it..Just kept it in good shape.. I drove that one around for about a good 7 months until my uncle got a 2000 black tomos targa.. we rode around together but then he got a motorcycle so he didn't ride the moped..SOooo i started riding the black one... My friend Matt and I rode my mopeds around before he got his moped permit Oct 21, 2004.When he got his license he bought my Yellow Tomos Targa LX.. Damn that hurt...
( keep in mind ..Yellow moped has a..pipe and the black one has the technigas pipe ..adding 5 extra mph ) ... about a month ago i got a airsail kit for my black moped upgrading the speed to 43mph...
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