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  • 1977 Puch Maxi
Just got this great 77 Puch Maxi moped at a yard sale for $5.00

So far have had a great time fixing it up. Thought the motor was siezed, but was just hardened gasoline resin gluing the piston rings to the cylinder. Also, was out of oil. Took off carb and put some liquid wrench on the side of the piston. 30 minutes later, FREED UP.

Main problems now are where to get tires and tubes cheap (locally if possible). Size is 17 x 2.00. Also, carb keeps failing. Fuel getting into carb bowl, but no fuel getting into engine. Also, may need an external fuel tank.

Any thoughts ??

Thanks, Bill

p.s. Photo of me is 5-7 years old. Picture of moped is one from the net, but is very similar.

Thanks, Bill
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