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Barry Davidson

Christchurch, New Zealand

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  • 1963 Puch MS50V
  • 1962 Puch MS50V
  • 1960 Puch MS50V

The '63 was my dad's from new, it still is my Dad's when it's going well. The other two have been picked up along the way for no better reason than "the more the merrier". They are all bearing their age well with the '60 the best of the bunch, the 62 not running at the moment and the '63 enjoying a rolling maintenance program.

With my 90kg 6ft+ frame on board they're not the fastest things on 2 wheels but if I want to go faster I've got a Guzzi 1000 to get me into trouble plus a few old Suzuki 2-stroke twins to keep me poor. They're all fun and all of them bring a smile to my dial.

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