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I made a song about taking a moped ride out to Riverside, which turned into 3 albums, meanwhile when I was racking up miles on the Sprint and blowing bikers' minds, a dude named Hollywood Holt came out with the big-bore kit song. The same day I caught it on U-tube I learned H.H has already moved on to doing GSXR commercials.

Rallies Attended:

Flock Yeah 2008
Flock Yeah 2
Woolly Bullies 2010
Ride For Daniel 2011
Too many Myron's Rides to count

Solo Rides:
OC to Tucson AZ May 2005
OC to SF/ San Jose RT July/ Aug 2005
OC to Sacramento RT Aug 2007
OC to Springfield MO RT Sep/ Oct 2008 *1984 Honda VF1100S

OC to Berdoo RT 6-8 times a year since 2005.

Range from Malibu to Dana Point when I make house calls
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