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Got my first moped in '93, bought a green '77 Maxi out of a junkpile for $10. Fixed it up, rode over to my buddy's place and it was stolen the same day.


Worked on a bunch of 'peds in the '90s, then went away from them for awhile.

Felt the love again in 2010, bought a '78 Bat VA Deluxe off Craigslist. Rebuilt and sold the Bat, got the pile of parts that became my Pinto. Now, I have several. Always liked the Puchs, but now I have discovered the Ciaos. Dig the peds that compliment my old Vespa scooters!

I rode with Las Tortugas.

Just bought a VeloSoleX. Figured it was time for a French moped.
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