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Arran Foster


Courtenay, B.c, Canada

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  • 1970 Motobecane Mobylette
  • 1970 Motobecane 40
  • 1980 Peugeot 103
  • 1977 Puch Newport
I am a bit of a technocrat, albeit an archeaic one. I like to acquire, work on and repair old cars, bicycles, mopeds, old electronic equiptment, and furniture. If I wanted to play with motorcycles I would probably find one to darken my door.
I picked up my first moped, a 1977 Puch Newport three years ago. Although all of the important pieces were there the bike was crashed by a previous owner so the headlight and some trim parts were missing. The pedal crank is bent, the seat cover was thrashed, the paint is a bit worn, and the tank is rusted. I have been slowly gathering the missing parts but have yeat to get it on the road.
In the past year I have acquired three other mopeds, a Peugeot 103, a Motobecane 40, and a Mobylette. The Peugeot is mostly there and in good shape with the exception of the top end of the engine and plastic covers. The Motobecane 40 I picked up last month and have been running and riding it for about two weeks after several weeks of repair work and chasing parts. The Mobylette came with the 40 in a package deal and is currently a basket case with a dismantled engine, but it is mostly complete with a clean gas tank.
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