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Anna Short

Bird In Hand, PA

Instagram: @nnashort


  • 1978 J.C. Penney Pinto 2

I started out not knowing anything about engines, but now I'm the shop factotum. By day, I fix up old things for pleasure and by night I smash the streets free as a bird in a hot denim romper. I've ridden both coasts with all kinds of great folks, but for me, mature riders got the most. My ideal partner knows their way around and knows all the right moves to make me feel comfortable taking the lead.

Facts about Anna:
@ Anna spent some time in Portland, Oregon for grad school and learned a lot about social justice through a food systems lens. She can definitely order for the table at a fancy restaurant.

@ When its time to cut loose, Buckfast wets her pennywhistle.

@The pinto is her favorite pattern horse, but its also her favorite iron pony ;)

Q: What is currently paused on your headphones?
Street Divas on audiobook! I love the ride or die stories of strong hood women. But the last song I played...let me check...was "Shake Your Shit Machine" by Turbonegro.

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