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Portland, OR

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  • 1979 Columbia Open Road
  • 1979 Derbi Variant SLE
  • 1978 Derbi Variant SL
  • 1980 Honda PA50 II
  • 1978 Honda PA50 II
  • 1997 Kinetic TFR
  • 1977 Kreidler MP-9
  • 1959 Montgomery Wards Riverside Moped
  • 1978 Moto Guzzi Robin
  • 1980 Motobecane Le Moped
  • 1971 Motobecane Cady
  • 1977 Motron Medalist
  • 1980 Peugeot 103SP
  • 1977 Peugeot 103 LVS
  • 1977 Scorpion SC-2
  • 1984 United
  • 1978 Vespa Grande Deluxe
  • 1978 Vespa Ciao
I now own 18 mopeds.

I just got my dream moped, a 1959 Wards Riverside/Motobecane AV88 (3-21-19)

Got my second Derbi, time to kit and blast.

Bikes I no longer own,
Pacer P-78 Sport
Baretta 45
2 Puch Maxis
2 Honda Hobbits
Peugeot 103 LVS
1986Tomos A-3 Golden Bullet

My beloved Urban Express was stolen :(
........and my second Urban was stolen too :(

Hold My Beer This is Going to be Awesome Portland
Straight to Blackout Portland
Hot Blooded Portland
Blood Drive Infinity Seattle
Rise of the Penix Portland
Blood Drive 9 Seattle Scooter Dave can KISS MY ASS
Learn to Love Again Portland
Love is a Four Letter Word Portland

Uphill Battle founding member, retired.

PM me for a link to the infamous, gang bang on a Magnum Limited, at the 1977 Moped Shop.

I love mopeds.

The feeling when all the girls walking on the sidewalk throws a smile in your direction as you zoom by, the feeling you get by going 50mph+ on two wheels in a 25 mph town and the ability to park the damn thing at any bike rack once you arrived to your destination. Fuck finding a parking spot.

Just beautiful.

Salut borked
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