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  • 1977 JCPenney Pinto
The Moped Haiku Creed Of Seven Bad Haikus

Damn I love mopeds
Go to hell if you don't
Get out of here now

My moped is sweet
It eats hellfire and spits dirt
Because its shitty

It's running untuned
Spitting out chunks of metal
From lean mix and shit

So if you diss it
You will die from its exhaust
Even though it's slow

But not slow like yours
Even if your bike is fast
Faster than mine own

Mine is still better
I put the thing together
It is my moped

So it is better
It is as simple as that
So back the fuck off

My rig is...

Frame - Pinto

Engine - E50 (from Sears Free Spirit)

Exhaust - Tecno Estoril

Kit, Etc. - 70cc DMP (matched), Del 16.16 (82 Jet), Stuffed Crank, 18x45 gearing, 45 degree 15mm intake, piston ported.

And anything else, I forgot to list. So whatever else must not be too important. I'm proud of the seat mod - a bit of welding and chopping.
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