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  • 1977 Columbia Commuter
  • 1995 Kinetic
  • 2001 Tomos Targa LX
  • 1999 Tomos Targa LX
i love to work on mopeds, and most ppl think i am crazy for working on mine all the time...

the 2001 tomos targa lx is being worked on now, it was wrecked when i bought it and then i robbed it like hell for parts for my other 1999 tomos targa lx...well now i have the crazy idea to put it back together and sell it....i hope it will work out

the 1995 kinetic doesn't run yet but all it needs is carb work

my 1999 tomos targa lx runs very good all i have to do now is make it faster,althoughit has topped out at 58 mph on flats and that was tested out on a gps...soon i might be doing more machine work to make it have more power

my columbia commuter runs and is in good shape, it runs about 25-30 mph which i don't think is bad considering it is all stock and has a very small gear in front and a big ass gear in back...

if i get anymore mopeds i will put them on here and keep you updated
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