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  • 1995 Kinetic TFR
My 40$ TFR project...

Big thanks to Cosmo Motors for the parts so far

I bought a TFR from a scooter store for 40 bucks, it didnt run, the block was "fucked" and the clutch was in pieces.

i had this moped for about a year before i found any place that sold parts and i finally got a new clutch for it and low and behold it started up after a new fuel line, a gas tank cleaning, and some general love and affection.

The engine finally crapped out and i swapped it out for a 2008 Kinetic 49cc motor from Cosmo Motors, new carb also.

I've swapped out fuel lines, petcocks, worked over all that i knew, replaced petals and crank arms.

Currently i'm testing out a prototype pipe for the guys at Cosmo and i'm going to upgrade to a 70cc if i can find out that will fit.