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Samuel Santiago is part of that first generation to be born, raised and educated in the United States mainland. Samuel was born in April, to parents that had come to live in The Bronx, in New York City, from Puerto Rico.

At an early age he showed the promise of the intuitive talent he has been blessed with. In grade school, his artwork was often selected by his teachers to be placed in school art shows. At home he would spend time tracing his father’s drawings and pictures from magazines.

Growing up during a turbulent time in the South Bronx projects, Samuel struggled to find his place between his talents and the realities of his neighborhood. Exposure to art at the Guggenheim and The Museum of Modern Art in New York City was influential to his following a path that helped him negotiate the volatile settings of his inner city environment.

It was with a small and humble portfolio of works that Samuel, with the encouragement of his Junior High School art teacher, auditioned and was accepted to the High School of Art and Design in Manhattan. It was there that the seeds to his artistic personality were sown. Majoring in Illustration and discovering the application of both acrylic paints and mixed media, it lit a fire in his heart that gave voice to his raw talents.

The call of fatherhood redirected the focus of this aspiring artist. Over the years he never lost sight of his heart’s dream. His works was then for the private enjoyment of his friends and family. Samuel relocated his family to Orlando, Florida. He would take on artistic projects whenever they presented themselves in his community and place of worship. With his children now grown, this young grandfather embarked to pursue his passion, to fulfill a dream and to make his mark.

All journeys have a beginning. This deeply personal journey began as a quest of fulfillment. Sights were set on a European experience. Samuel arrived in Dublin, Ireland at the end of May 2008. During the rest of 2008 Amsterdam, Manchester, and Barcelona were included in this journey of artistic rediscovery. Standing before the works of great artists such as Van Gogh and Picasso, an awakening stirred.

In Cork, Ireland, inspired and focused, Samuel produced some of his best works. He participated in local art events and gallery openings. Samuel established his own fledgling Global Rogue Studios in the Patrick Hill area of Cork and set to work.

Recognized as a Hispanic American abstract artist, he was embraced by the art community and was invited to participate in Shaw Gallery’s “New International Artists” presented in December 2008.

The Shaw Gallery, in Cork, Ireland is a prestigious and sought after venue by new and established artists throughout Ireland, as well as well as the E.U. The well attended opening night marked Samuel’s arrival.

This journey continues with Samuel’s return to Orlando, Florida. Returning to the Untied States with a few pieces from his European Collection, he is currently adding new works to his new American Collection. Exploring other facets of his artistic personality, he will be expanding to include found art sculptures, graphic art prints and wearable art pieces.

"I bought a moped when I got back, just for the fun of it." He looks forward to embracing the lifestyle that also goes with owning one. Enriching his creativity with the freedom and new friends that he is now begining to enjoy.
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