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  • 1978 Derbi Magnum
  • Puch Magnum X
  • 1981 Puch Magnum Limited LTD
  • 1966 Solex 3300
  • 1978 Yamaha LB-50 Chappy

Derbi collection shrinking...(GROWING!) Diablo landed. Sold. Shrinkage soon. Also a freespirit, transformed --> now a derbipuch?.

Sprint sold. Newport sold, Maxi Sport MKII sold, 50v sold. Maxi Luxe #1 sold. Maxi Luxe #2 Sold. Cimatti gone. General no more. 50v (#2) sold. Murray frame sold. OG magnum sold, maxi S frame and bits gone. Solex acquired Newport Repo'ed, resold. hobbit frame traded for variant sport frame. Cobra and revival carcass gone. Dueling derbis! Should I go three? Nope, sold the variant sport and ds50. Maybe later. Swinger time now. Pretty magnum parted and gone. Vespino abducted by a bandit. the variant, and even the swinger heading out soon. Transition period now. SLE now owned by a squid. Swinger traded for G3. G3 sold, Pinto sold. More derbis. All sold except the good ones.

racers.?. Who knows, new tech currently in development stages.

we are the cuperteens.
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