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  • 1977 Puch Maxi

well i live in the country were everyone says im a hick when i were just the smell of two stroke to school
lol i have a puch maxi i think its hard to tell its a runner but u no it only goes like 15mph i have no idea why i did all the nessarys for no money lol like clean the carbon rtv sealer porten shaved the head in school but the egine just tops right out i think its the gear ratio well were i live right now its snowing and i just got back from a 16.5 mile run in the snow at night to the next town to see a movie were i got chased by 3 cops on my moped were i lost them lol parked in my buddies garge thank god my other friend that was riden with me had a cell phone to him that were cummen.

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