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Hello everyone,

In a recent article in my hometown I read about Moped Army. The article was about Moped Restoration in Delaware and some of the interviewees mentioned the site. After reading the article, my passion for my moped days came rushing back again.

After my freshman year in high school my family moved to a very rural part of Delaware with very few neighbors or anything to do. My mom bought a used Sachs moped for me for $300 hoping that I would keep myself entertained as my oldest brother no longer lived with us and my other brother was a recluse and no fun to be around. I believe it was a 1978, but I'm not sure and I'm not sure of the model either. Anyway my mother was correct and I loved my moped and rode it everyday after school and all the time on weekends that is until my "no fun" brother got a hold of it. First he drove it in the snow and spun out of control and slightly damaged it. I could still ride it despite his stupidity. But the unthinkable happened when I went away to college for my freshman year. He decided to sell it and never asked me nor my parents if it was okay. I was completely livid and extremely sad with what he had done. But since it was gone, there was nothing we could do.

So now its's 30 some years later and I want another moped. My passion has always been there but it's just fallen lower on my priority list. I first wanted a scooter because I didn't think I could really find an authentic moped, the pedal start kind like I had as a youth. But after reading the article I knew I could.

As I said, I don't currently have one but I would really like to purchase one. I would even take one that needs some work and learn to fix it myself. I almost was able to get a Kenetic moped the other day for only $100, but when I called the guy had already sold it.

Any help and or advice you can give me with regards to fulfilling this request would be greatly appreciated.



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