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Nick Thomas


Spokane, WA

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  • 2009 Tomos ST
  • 1979 Puch Magnum MK II
  • 1978 Peugeot 103SP
I moved back to Spokane, Washington (my fair city) June 2011 after 7 years exile in Seattle. While I miss the Emerald City and her great moped scene, I certainly do NOT miss the rain and awful traffic. Currently I'm a student at EWU, working toward a degree in English Literature. I got sucked back into Moped-land in the fall of 2013 upon finding a Magnum on CL for practically nothing! After a few year hiatus while I worked my ass off then travelled the world. Summer 2013 I participated in the epic Pinball Run moped race from Maine to Key West, uniting at last my love of travel, old unreliable mopeds, and crazy, ill-planned adventures.

"Takin' It To The Streets," a Puddle Cutter rally (2007) Portland,OR. (2007?)
"Blood Drive" Seattle,WA.
"Break Your Moped, Break Your Heart," Uphill Battle. a Grom rally, Portland,OR (Feb 2013)
Pinball Run 1 (Aug.31-Sept.8,2013) Portland,ME- Key West,Fl
Blood Drive 9. Seattle,WA. (Aug 8-10,2014)
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