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Misfit Ben Schuuulz

Detroit, MI

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  • 1980 Rizzato Califfo Califfo 2-Speed
  • 1980 Puch Magnum MK II
  • 1981 Murray
  • 1987 Motomarina Sebring
  • 1985 Motomarina Sebring
  • 1988 Motomarina Raven
  • 1982 Honda MB-5
  • 1983 General 5 Star
  • 1978 Gadabout MK IV
  • 1979 Cosmo Colt II
  • 1981 AMF ALL-PRO

President and co founder of the Moped Misfits. Based out of Detroit where our clubhouse The Boehemian Barn aka my garage is located. I am really into Italian one speed chain driven bikes. If they are case inducted, I love them that much more. Love mopeds and all the amazing people I meet riding them.

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